Robbie Burns
Rrrrrobbie Burrrns!

Following from our December 2010 meeting on dialect poetry, Historical Poetics met in Manhattan on May Day to discuss Robert Burns, “the habbie,” and the global circulation of his poems (with an especial ear to his use of dialect). Virginia Jackson hosted, and we were treated to Martin Harries’ world-famous ramps pasta. For “a’ ye who live by crambo-clink”!

Michael Cohen has graciously put together a PDF of the following poems for our May 1 discussion.  

Poems by Robert Burns:

Tam O’Shanter; Holy Willie’s Prayer;  To a Mouse; Man was Made to Mourn; To a Mountain Daisy; To Ruin; On a Scotch Bard; The Kirk’s Alarm; Lines Written in Friars-Carse Hermitage; To William Simpson; To the Rev. John M’Math; Inscription on the Tombstone; Verses written under the Portrait of Fergusson the Poet; Poem, Addressed to Mr. Mitchell; To Miss Logan, with Beattie’s Poems; To Miss Cruikshank; Verses to a Young Lady; Written on the Blank Leaf of the Last Edition of His Poems; To a Young Lady, Miss Jessie Lewars, Dumfries; My Love is Like a Red Red Rose; Afton Water; Go Fetch to Me a Pint of Wine; Highland Mary; To Mary in Heaven;  There was a Lad;  Green Grow the Rashes; For A’That and A’That; Auld Lang Syne; Scots Wha Hae; It Was A’ For Our Rightfu’ King; MacPherson’s Farewell; Wandering Willie; Braw Lads; Ca’ the Yowes; John Anderson My Jo; John Barleycorn; The Sodgers Return; Last May a Braw Wooer; Country Lassie; My Father was a Farmer; The Lass of Eccelfechan; The Slave’s Lament; Elegy;  Fragmentary Verses.