Naomi Levine Assistant Professor of English at Yale University. She received her PhD from Rutgers University.

Her book manuscript, “Rhyme and History in Victorian Poetics,” examines the influence of ideas from European literary historiography (particularly about the origin and development of rhyme) on Victorian experiments with poetic form. She has published on nineteenth-century poetry and poetics in Victorian Studies, Victoriographies, Victorian Poetry, and Modern Language Quarterly(MLQ).


  • “Tirra-Lirrical Ballads: Source Hunting with the Lady of Shalott,” Victorian Poetry 54.4 (Winter 2016): 439-454
  • “Victorian Pearl: Tennysonian Elegy and the Return of a Medieval Poem,” Victoriographies 6.3 (Fall 2016): 238-255
  • “Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Historiographical Poetics,” MLQ 77.1 (Spring 2016): 81-104
  • “Trebled Beauty: William Morris’s Terza Rima,” Victorian Studies 53.3 (Spring 2011): 506-517