Historical Poetics at Princeton is a reading group comprised of Princeton University faculty and graduate students interested in historical poetics across several different fields of study—Early Modern, Eighteenth Century, Romantic, Victorian, and Modernism. Since 2018, the group has met twice each semester of the academic year to read and discuss a volume of poetry and the questions it raises for approaches to scholarship that orient themselves around historical poetics. Readings have sometimes based themselves off of what the national Historical Poetics Reading Group is reading, but more often orient themselves around current work participants are doing in historical poetics that they wish to discuss with the group.

2018-19 Readings

October 17, 2018: E. Pauline Johnson

  1. Pauline Johnson, The White Wampum (1895)
  2. Pauline Johnson, selections from Flint and Feather (1912)
    Theodore Watts Dunton, preface to Flint and Feather (1912)
    Isabel Valency Crawford, “Malcom’s Katie” from Old Spookses Pass (1884)

November 13, 2018: Anne Finch in the 18th and 19th Centuries

Anne Finch, poems from Poems by Eminent Ladies (1755)
Anne Finch, poems from Frederick Rowton’s Female Poets of Great Britain (1856)
Anne Finch, poems from Humphrey Ward’s English Poets (1880), including Edmund Gosse’s “Introduction”.

March 12, 2019: Weird Tales 

Reprints of Weird Tales (1923-1954)
HP Lovecraft, sonnet cycle “Fungi from Yuggoth”
Women Poets, selected poems from Weird Tales
Leslie, selected poems from Weird Tales

 *all poems in packet published in the 1920s and ‘30s.

May 17, 2019: Orienting/Orientalizing Historical Poetics (with national Historical Poetics Reading Group)

Bayard Taylor, Poems of the Orient (1854)
Edward FitzGerald, The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayám (1859)



Joshua Kotin
Russ Leo
Meredith Martin
Susan Stewart

Graduate Students

Promise Li
Miranda Marraccini
Mary Naydan
John Schulz
Liora Selinger
Nikhil Tase
Kate Thorpe