We held an open session co-sponsored by the Department of Comparative Literature and the Poetry & Poetics Workshop at the University of Michigan, focusing on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s massive, mid-19th century anthology Poets and Poetry of Europe (Philadelphia:  Cary and Hart, 1845). Members of the group gave mini-presentations on different aspects of the anthology, followed by a broad-ranging discussion with the audience. We continued our discussion of the anthology in the afternoon at the amazing Palmer House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. A PDF of the Google Books scan of a New York Public Library copy of the text can be found here; you can also view and download it directly via Hathi Trust.

Three contemporaneous reviews may also be of interest:

The North American Review (July 1845)

The American Whig Review:  Part 1 (Nov. 1846) and Part 2 (Dec. 1846)

(Also available via the Making of America site, here and here)

The United States Magazine and Democratic Review (Feb. 1847)

(Also available via the Making of America site, here)